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We are proud to partner with the best bars in Chicago. Our bars are included in our bar crawls, and have our loyal customers sent straight to their door. The app promotes drink specials and deals to promote purchasing.

The best part? It's totally FREE to be listed on our bar crawls. What could get better than that? (Hint: Read below!)

We want you to see how great our crawls are first hand. Get 10 free crawls to give away to your patrons when you apply today! 

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Our app is designed for party-goers who are not sure where they want to go, or want some extra fun on a night out. We work hard to maintain strong lines of communication to ensure both our venue partners and our users have a quality experience.

There is also no risk to be on our list. It is absolutely FREE to be a bar partner.

Increased Purchasing

Notifications and games encourage drink purchases. We will promote your deals and favorites.

Off Hour Traffic

Crawls begin at off hours on any day of the week. We bring patrons right to your door.

Free Exposure

New customers, right to your door. We plan on hosting 500 crawls in our first year. Be a part of Chicago's trendiest new scene.

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BONUS: Get 10 free crawls to give away to your patrons when you apply today! 

What we need from you

Coupons: Let us know what deal(s) you want us to promote.
These can be pre-existing specials.

Communication: Inform your bartenders and staff about us. Let us know your hours of operation and any blackout dates.
Collateral: The more users we have, the more people we will send to your bar! We will supply you with posters and table tents. Help spread the word about us. It's a win-win.

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